If you are in need of advertising layouts or design we are the right choice for you. From years of experience in the horse industry we know what is flattering and what might not be the best photos to use for your advertising campaign. We also understand getting the most from your advertising dollar. Contact us and we will discuss what your options might be. Price Sheet

"Your advertisment or website is only as good as the photos it contains."
Having professional pictures taken should be foremost on your list.

The files will be large and take some time to download so be patient. All are designed by Pam. Photos by Pam are noted.
Three fold brochure. Photos by Pam
Full page stallion ad, photos by Pam
Full page stallion ad, photos not by Pam
Half page vertical ad, photos by Pam
1/3 page vertical sale horse ad
Half Page horizontal ad, photos by Pam
Two sided business card, Tycoon photo by Pam
Full page flyer, Donatus photo by Pam
Full page flyer, stallion & front view of foal by Pam

Above left directory advertisment
Above, 1/3 page stallion ad
Left, business card

All photos by Pam

Above, half page ad
Right, full page flyer
Below, 11"X17" poster

photos by different photographers. Pam's photos are signed.

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