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How I Got Started

Necessity was what got me started taking horse pictures. We were producing some very nice foals and needed sales pictures. At first I would hold the horses and my husband or friends would try to take the pictures. Since they had no feel for conformation they could not understand why the pictures were not what we needed. Patience was always short as a result. I then tried most of the photographers in our part of the country but they specialized more in performance shots and the conformation shots were really not adequate. The expense of flying someone in was not a possibility either. To that end, I began taking thousands of pictures. Carefully critiquing each roll. I would get a few good ones but mostly unusable ones. I studied what was making the good ones good and found that I could control a lot of what I found undesirable. The result is, I can now take that picture that will bring out the best qualities and yes, hide the short comings of each horse.

Many of the pictures you see on this site, as well as those found in publications with my N on them, will be of weanlings and yearlings without halters. This is really how we took them. If a horse has a bridle or halter normally the reins or lead rope and human are airbrushed out.

I consider my specialty as conformation pictures but I do movement as well. As always pictures are at their best when the sun shines. I have included some that were taken on cloudy days as well since that does happen at shows and I felt it was important for you to be able to see the difference. These are a few of the pictures I have taken over the years, even some none horsey. Most of these pictures do not appear elsewhere on this site. Many I only cropped and did not airbrush. Sorry the picture quality doesn't show on a computer screen but you can get the idea.

As with any profession I am still on a learning curve... We have now added graphic design and web design to our services. For our portfolio. Be patient as there are several examples of our work and it could take some time, depending on your connection speed, to download.

Pricing of farm shoots follow the pictures.

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Schedule as of March 11, 2006
If you would like to get added on to one of these trips please contact us.

I have had several people in different areas of the US and Canada tell me they would like me to come for photos. In order for me to best figure out a trip plan for Spring to different areas I need to know approximately how many other people have an interest in having me come to their farm. So please contact me if you have an interest. If I can do several farms in an area expenses for me to go there will be minimal for everyone. Airfare to most places is around $350 which will be split between the different farms in a given area.

These are the areas that people have already contacted me about.
Southern California
Eastern Canada
Tennessee, Knoxville, Charleston. This trip will coincide with the Kentucky trip. May.
Kentucky, I know I will be going back here. Lexington and Louisville. Tentatively latter part of May.
Florida, Ocala, Panama City, possibly Wellington. End of April or early May.
Washington, Seattle


"Pictures are only as good as the helpers."

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Farm Shoots that are within 50 miles of Hockley TX. or horses brought to Flying Change Farm. $350. for first three horses of same owner, $75/horse thereafter. This gives you the copyright on all of the pictures taken but you must give photo credit to Pam Norton. All Photos will be sent to you on CD.
For farm shoots outside of 50 miles travel expenses must be covered by client. $350. for first three horses of same owner, $75/ horse thereafter. This gives you the copyright on all of the pictures taken but you must give photo credit to Pam Norton.. All photos will be mailed to you on CD.
** If a horse has conformation, undersaddle and at liberty photos taken, it will count as three horses. Additional horses with different owners on the same property, $125/horse
For printable price sheet for all photography and design. click here

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