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1. Mare owners must understand that the stallions may be at competitions during the weekends and should give Flying Change Farm as much notice as possible and cycle the mares accordingly.

2. All fees, including stud fee and deposit on container, must be paid before the shipping of semen.

3. All proper paperwork must be completed before the time of shipping.

4. Any additional fees such as veterinarian and shipping costs will be taken from the deposit on container and the remainder refunded.

5. The deposit on the container shall be $250.00.

6. Flying Change Farm shall decide on the type of delivery of the container unless the mare owner chooses to make other arrangements.

7. It shall be the responsibility of THE MARE OWNER to:
a. Return the container within 24 hours after usage.
b. Return ALL the contents, excluding semen, with the container or incur a charge.
c. Pick up the container at the designated place and deliver it to the farm.
d. Insure that the semen is administered by a licensed veterinarian on the day of delivery.
e. Insure that their veterinarian agrees to follow any and all instructions of the collecting veterinarian, if necessary, otherwise all guarantees become null and void.
f. Assume all responsibility for the condition of the mare and bear all risk of loss or damage to the mare by death, illness, injury, infection or otherwise, and agrees to hold Flying Change Farm harmless.

8. It shall be the responsibility of FLYING CHANGE FARM to:
a. Deliver live semen two times per heat cycle provided notification is given 24 hours in advance of projected shipping day.
b. Guarantee live semen to leave the farm. Flying Change Farm is not responsible for delays, cancellations or loss of containers from aircraft or any other means of transportation.

9. Flying Change Farm requires that:
a. After two missed heat cycles, a culture and biopsy is taken of said mare and a copy of the results are sent to Flying Change Farm.
b. Said mare must be examined by a licensed veterinarian between 40 and 45 days after last cover. Flying Change Farm must be notified of her pregnancy status at the time or all guarantees are null and void.

AGENT OF STALLION: ___________________________________________

Pamela Norton, 22716 Murrell Rd., Hockley, TX 77447; 936-372-2336;


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