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Stallion Service Contract


ONASSIS $1,200.00

Mare Reg. No. ____________________________

Sire _____________________________________

Dam ____________________________________

Dam Sire ________________________________

1A. $250.00 Booking Fee- Payable upon signing this contract.
Breeding Fee-Payable before departure of Mare or semen shipment.

1B. All accounts for board Bills and expenditures made on behalf of the Mare and/or foal will be settled upon receipt of a duly rendered statement, and before the Mare is removed from the farm. Flying Change Farm (hereafter referred to as the Farm), may at its discretion refuse release of the Mare until these accounts are settled. VET BILLS MUST BE PAID MONTHLY OR NO FURTHER SERVICES WILL BE PERFORMED.

2. The Mare shall be healthy and in sound breeding condition as evidence by a health certificate documenting routine vaccinations and a current negative coggins test. At our veterinarian’s discretion, all mares will have a uterine culture taken at the first opportunity at the owner’s expense.

3. The Farm will exercise judgment in the care and supervision of the Mare and/or her foal, but will not be responsible for accident, sickness or death to either or both. Likewise the Mare owner will not be responsible for any disease, accident or injury to the stallion or other mares.

4. The Farm agrees to inseminate the mare named above with the stallion named above and will diligently try to settle her. If however, for any reason she does not settle, the Mare owner will hold the Farm harmless.

5. It is understood that the service fee is for a live foal that stands and nurses in 2006. The live foal guarantee applies only if the Farm is notified within one week from the death of foal; a statement must accompany this notice from a licensed veterinarian. The live foal guarantee is void if mare has not been properly monitored at the time of foaling and the resulting foal is delivered dead or dies as a result of suffication.

6. If the mare proves to be barren or does not produce a live foal in 2006 the Mare owner will be entitled to return privileges for the same mare or another mare approved by the Farm that season only. If Mare is to be rebred and mare owner fails to deliver her for rebreeding then any and all fees paid shall be nonrefundable and the contract is thereby canceled.

7. It is agreed that should the mare be removed before the stallion owner has ample opportunity to settle her (having bred her through at least three heat periods, or being certified in foal by their veterinarian), then all unpaid board, vet expenses, and breeding fees become due and payable when the mare is picked up.

8. It is further agreed that should the said stallion die, be sold by the owner, or become unfit for service before servicing my mare or if mare named in this contract, dies or becomes unfit to be bred then this contract is and shall be null and void.

9. This contract shall not be assigned or transferred and in the event said mare is sold, the fee if unpaid shall immediately become due and payable and no refund shall be due under any circumstances.

10. When stallion owner or agent signs and returns one copy of this contract it will be a binding contract on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.

Pamela Norton
22716 Murrell Rd
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